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by on January 18, 2014

Peter n’ Chris

in the Toronto SketchFest


Peter n’ Chris are happy to announce, that theywill once again be a Featured Act at the 2014 Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival.   They will debut their newest show ” Peter n’ Chris and the Kinda OK Corral”- a hilarious, western genre parody.    They will be featured along side acts like Falcon Powder, National Theatre of the World, Last Call Cleveland, and their pals Hot Thespian Action.

The Irrelevant Show will also be performing as a headlining act – a great CBC show that Peter n’ Chris write for.  Listen to some stuff they wrote right here 

To view the awesome festival line up…WELL JUST CLICK RIGHT HERE!  NO HERE. RIGHT HERE.  Juuuust over there ——->CLICK ME

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