A Peter N’ Chris-tmas Carol (Vancouver and Victoria)

A Peter N’ Chris-tmas Carol A Peter n’ Christ-mas Carol is a hilarious send up the classic Dickens’ Christmas story. When a grumpy Chris is visited on the night before Christmas (or maybe like a week before Christmas, honestly it’s a busy time for these...

summer tour

Peter n Chris Summer Tour Schedule

Peter n’ Chris Summer Tour Schedule WINNIPEG – PETER N’ CHRIS AND THE MYSTERY OF THE MURDER MOTEL Performances at PTE Mainstage  July 18th – 8:15 PM July 19th – 10:15 PM July 20th – 8:00 PM July 21st – 7:00 PM July 22nd – 5:30 PM July 23rd – 10:15 PM July 24th – 5:45 PM July 26th – 10:15 PM July 27th – 5:45 PM   EDMONTON –...


Peter n’ Chris West Coast Tour

Peter n’ Chris West Coast Tour JANUARY and FEBRUARY 2014 –  Peter n’ Chris will perform in the Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival (January 23-25th).  After that, they will perform in Seattle with Pocket Theatre, for the first time since 2010 (January 31st and February 1st)....