Just For Laughs

Peter N’ Chris  will perform in Just For Laughs 2015 Just like the headline says – Peter N’ Chris are happy to announce they will perform in the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. They will be perform alongside hilarious types like SNL’s Colin Jost...


Hardly Men

Hardly Men www.HardlyMen.com  A new webseries created by Peter n’ Chris.  Produced with WhiskayeFilms in Vancouver help us out! WATCH THE TRAILER AND DONATE TO THE CAMPAIGN TODAY Hardly Men will be filmed in the fall of 2014.  About the Project  “They may have grown...


The Irrelevant Show!

THE IRRELEVANT SHOW   Listen to the Irrelevant Show every Thursday and Saturday to hear a smattering of sketches written by Peter Carlone, Chris Wilson, and Sam Mullins! and To listen to some of last years sketches click here BAM! PnC