Peter N Chris 2015 Summer Tour Schedule

Peter N Chris  Summer Tour Schedule 2015 Peter N Chris are (probably) coming to your city, and it’s (probably) going to be in the next 4 months!  So, if you want to see Peter N Chris perform their new material, well, just look below!  The...

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Peter n Chris Summer Tour Schedule

Peter n’ Chris Summer Tour Schedule WINNIPEG – PETER N’ CHRIS AND THE MYSTERY OF THE MURDER MOTEL Performances at PTE Mainstage  July 18th – 8:15 PM July 19th – 10:15 PM July 20th – 8:00 PM July 21st – 7:00 PM July 22nd – 5:30 PM July 23rd – 10:15 PM July 24th – 5:45 PM July 26th – 10:15 PM July 27th – 5:45 PM   EDMONTON –...


Peter n’ Chris Summer Tour Schedule 2013

Peter n’ Chris ‘Explore their Bodies’ –Summer Tour Schedule – 2013  This summer, Peter n’ Chris are bringing their newest hit, Peter n’ Chris Explore their Bodies, to a city near you!  This is where you can find all the info related to the Peter n’ Chris “Explore...