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Video – ” A Sunday Stroll”

A Sunday Stroll   Check out a video by Peter n’ Chris Right here and don’t forget to check out the others while you’re there!  Enjoy -PnC    


Toronto- Winter Beach Show 4

Winter Beach Show 4 After 3 hit shows the Winter Beach Show is back, and just in time for Winter.  The show will feature brand new original sketch comedy, written and performed by some of Toronto’s Best Comedians. We’ve got songs! We’ve got sketches! And we’ve...


The Winter Beach Show 3! (July 11th – Comedy Bar – 9:30pm)

The Winter Beach Show 3 Featuring Peter n’ Chris On July 11th at 9:30 pm, Peter n’ Chris will perform again at the Comedy Bar Main stage in the 3rd installment of the Winter Beach Show.  The Winter Beach Show is a brand new, hit...