About Peter N’ Chris

Peter n’ Chris (Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson) are a 3 time Canadian...

Peter N Chris Upcoming Shows

Peter N’ Chris are on Tour!  Here are the Details: EDMONTON FRINGE...

So You Dropped Something on The Floor – Can you still eat it?

If you drop food on the ground, can you still eat it?...

Ben Affleck’s Chin Dimple’s 8 Greatest Performances

Ben Affleck’s Chin Dimple’s 8 Greatest Performances written for CBC PUNCHLINE Beloved...


Toronto SketchFest

Peter n’ Chris in the Toronto SketchFest Peter n’ Chris are happy to announce, that theywill once again be a Featured Act at the 2014 Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival.   They will debut their newest show ” Peter n’ Chris and the Kinda OK Corral”-...


Two new comics

Two New Comics by Chris Wilson illustrated by Chris Wilson Check out more comics: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5


The Irrelevant Show!

THE IRRELEVANT SHOW   Listen to the Irrelevant Show every Thursday and Saturday to hear a smattering of sketches written by Peter Carlone, Chris Wilson, and Sam Mullins! and To listen to some of last years sketches click here BAM! PnC