Hardly Men

by on July 15, 2014

Hardly Men



 A new webseries created by Peter n’ Chris.  Produced with WhiskayeFilms in Vancouver

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Hardly Men will be filmed in the fall of 2014. 

About the Project

 “They may have grown up…but they’re hardly men.”

A childlike detective duo struggles to handle the pressures of the adult detective world. Now, after accidentally murdering a murderer in a ‘scooby-doo style mask reveal moment’ gone wrong, these two mystery solvers aren’t aware that they may have just become the nation’s most wanted serial killers.

The X-Files. The Hardy Boys. Scooby Doo. Fringe…umm, what else. Sherlock. Oh, um Dexter. Dexter and…and CSI. These are the shows that fuel the comedy of the internet’s newest and funniest web-series. Run-ins with the Paranormal? You bet. ‘Cracking cases’ and ‘Getting to the bottom’ of things? It’s all in there. A rivalry with a sexy Mulder and Scully-esque duo? Absolutely.. Ripping off masks and saying classic lines like, ‘let’s see who this really is?’. Heck ya. Thinking someone is wearing a mask, accidentally ripping their face off and then eventually becoming wanted serial killers, with Mulbers and Scabby hot on the case? Why that’s practically the plot of the first season of the future-hit web-series HARDLY MEN!

Hardly Men follows the lives of Peter and Chris, a mystery solving duo pursuing their childhood dreams of becoming true detectives. The two are constantly seeking out new mysteries to solve; hoping, with each new case that solving that particular case will get them the respect and fame they desire.  However, though chasing ghosts was cute when they were children, they are slowly realizing it’s a juvenile thing for adults to do.  

Based on the Canadian Comedy Award Winning play Peter n’ Chris and the Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel, this series pays homage to and parodies our favourite horror, slasher and mystery films and television shows. It’s a series about life taking us in a different direction than we thought, and the fear of growing up and facing adult problems — all through the eyes of two wannabe detectives.  In the case of Peter and Chris, their childhood detective dreams are hurled into adulthood when they accidentally murder a murderer in a ‘Scooby Doo mask ripping off moment’ gone wrong.  


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