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new video aj


If you’re looking for a new sketch to watch, well I would look no further than this NEW VIDEO titled IN MEMORY OF.  It was filmed and written by Chris Wilson and AJ Vaage in Toronto.  While AJ is not Peter Carlone, Chris is still in...


Hardly Men

Hardly Men www.HardlyMen.com  A new webseries created by Peter n’ Chris.  Produced with WhiskayeFilms in Vancouver help us out! WATCH THE TRAILER AND DONATE TO THE CAMPAIGN TODAY Hardly Men will be filmed in the fall of 2014.  About the Project  “They may have grown...

summer tour

Peter n Chris Summer Tour Schedule

Peter n’ Chris Summer Tour Schedule WINNIPEG – PETER N’ CHRIS AND THE MYSTERY OF THE MURDER MOTEL Performances at PTE Mainstage  July 18th – 8:15 PM July 19th – 10:15 PM July 20th – 8:00 PM July 21st – 7:00 PM July 22nd – 5:30 PM July 23rd – 10:15 PM July 24th – 5:45 PM July 26th – 10:15 PM July 27th – 5:45 PM   EDMONTON –...