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Just For Laughs

Peter N’ Chris  will perform in Just For Laughs 2015 Just like the headline says – Peter N’ Chris are happy to announce they will perform in the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. They will be perform alongside hilarious types like SNL’s Colin Jost...


Ben Affleck’s Chin Dimple’s 8 Greatest Performances

Ben Affleck’s Chin Dimple’s 8 Greatest Performances written for CBC PUNCHLINE Beloved actor Ben Affleck has enjoyed a 30 year career at the top of Hollywood, and he owes it all to the unbelievable performances of his own chin dimple. Over the years, Ben Affleck’s...


So You Dropped Something on The Floor – Can you still eat it?

If you drop food on the ground, can you still eat it? That’s a great question. This chart will help you get to the bottom of which foods you can and cannot eat after dropping on the ground.  (An article written for CBC PUNCHLINE